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We are a one stop ICT Solution Center offering a diverse range of essential ICT products & services.

Our product was specifically designed to meet a business or company day to day business operations needs, aiding in brand design and communication and to effectively meet a business marketing requirements in the dynamic and competitive digital market.

Our product and service niche include: Digital Marketing and Online Advertisement Services, Web Design, Domain Names Registration & Web Hosting, Bulk S.M.S, Cloud Data Backup, Software Apps, Graphics & Design Services, Branding Services, Internet & Networking Services and products.

Our Services

1. Web Design  – Business / Apps Landing Pages,  Blogs, Magazines, e-newspapers, etc.
2. Domain Names, Email & Web Hosting – .com,, .net, .org, .TV,, .Shop, .store, .church etc
3. Branding & Content Production – Graphics & Design- Logos, Letterheads, Diaries, Note Books, Calender, Brochures, Company Profiles, Business Cards, UV Lamination, T- shirts printing, Branding Cups, Mugs, etc.
4. Online Marketing & Online Advertising – pay per click advertising, Google Advertising, Social media Marketing / Advertising, Email Marketing, Bulk S.M.S, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) etc.

5. Software Solutions – Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) with all modules- HRM, CRM, Payroll, Accounting, POS, Sales, Quotation & Invoicing. 

6. Internet Installation – Apply for our home and office based network installation & internet coverage

7. ICT Training – Become an expert qualified digital marketer, Graphics Designer & Software guru

8. Video Content Production – We produce media content for advertisers, Televisions, individuals, Corporate institutions, schools, churches,  etc.

9. ICT Consultancy & Support – We offer timely support for emails, Hosting, Networking to Companies and general IT consultations at cheaper rates

10. Survillance Systems – We offer CCTV solutions to companies, Homes, Residential Places, Offices, Business Premises etc

Web Design

We create modern online marketing websites with advanced features like live chat, live traffic and web analytics

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Web Hosting

Register your domain names cheaply i.e .com, , .org, .net etc. and get best  reliable web hosting packages.

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Online Marketing

Our online strategy focuses is to position your product or services to potential customers and leads

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SEO – Get Found Top-most on Search

SEO- Search Engine Optimization brings a whole lot of benefits to your website i.e improves website usability, rankings on search engines, get more leads or traffic and conversions and a win over your competitors. Our team will ensure a long time marketing strategy for your SEO to function correctly.

Bulk SMS Services

Reach many people within a click of a button with a single SMS. Also, create target groups to run your SMS campaigns. Schedule SMS Campaigns etc. Package suitable for schools, companies or marketing agencies. Get a unique company Sender ID i.e SMS appears with your company name at the top as the sender.

Branding, Graphics & Design 

We produce digital content and handle multimedia projects like video shooting, video editing, event videos,  company profile videos, marketing videos , photo-shooting etc. Graphic design e.g Company Logos, Letterheads, Business Cards, Flyers, Banners , Advert photos,  Business Portfolios etc. We also print T-shirts that match your brand colors at affordable prices. Content produced can be used across the web or on online ads.

Software Solutions

We deploy management and centralized management software (ERP) to easily manage and run your business or company. Our apps variants include, Accounting Software – Quickbooks, Payroll Software, POS, ERP Software  with all Modules i.e Accounts, HRM, CRM, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Fleet Management, Project Management etc.

ICT Training

Become certified with us as a professional in either digital marketing, .

We follow a practical approach whereby, learners are equipped with necessary skills in digital marketing, Graphics & Design, Branding and online advertisement. Our approach is simple and convenient for learners to  learn from their comfort zones. We  issue certified Course content ( Video and ebooks ) and learning materials and tools (Software, Tutorials etc )  free of charge .

We issues exams and practical tests and then learners are given a certified program certificate with which they can increase their chances for the job market. Learners who pass can get a job with us or be deployed to work in different companies who have enrolled with us.Classes are ongoing and classes are tailored to individual timetables as agreed by the learners and their tutors.

Cloud Data Backup

Easily and within seconds back up crucial data to the cloud with our cloud back up solution / App. Back up  and transfer data between PC, laptop or smartphone. Easily and within seconds restore data from the cloud. Security is guaranteed as we use servers with latest encryption technology. Your data will be safely stored in several servers deployed around the world i.e Europe, Asia, Afaghanstan, Africa, South Korea, etc. hence no time the system is down.

Why Choose us

We are driven by better service and product quality assurance to our esteemed customers. Our projects are handled by a team of experts and each phase passes through thorough scrutiny to deliver the best results.

We offer a one stop digital marketing and digital services solution to our esteemed clients.
Always on the search for something new and better.
We try as much as possible to renovate the wheel.
Our estimates on project completion hardly go wrong
Quality Assuarance
We make sure our customers get the best service or product.

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